Elect Owen Fortosky


Without question, there are many issues that face the residents of Ward Two. From roadways in disrepair to infrastructure deficiencies to the red tape and bureaucracy surrounding small businesses to affordable housing. And the list goes on......

However, the key to solving these and all the other problems is ensuring that each of the Ward Two communities are empowered to direct and act upon changes that each community finds necessary.

Ward Two is made up of seven unique and diverse communities: Pleasant Hill, Caswell, King George, Montgomery, Meadowgreen, Riversdale and Holiday Park. 

Each community has different needs and it is the residents who know how traffic flows, or which houses are in disrepair, or how proposed developments will affect them and so much more. It is the community that should be providing the direction to city hall, not the other way around.

It is my main goal to change how city hall does business in Ward Two and I’m asking you to join me in bringing about change. I respectfully ask for your support.

- Owen






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- Owen