If you have any questions or would like to assist in Owen’s campaign, please contact him directly by:


Phone: (306) 244-4275

Thanks to everyone who asked to put signs up. Your support is greatly appreciated. However, there will not be any signs bearing my name until the last week of the campaign. I really think that people get sick of seeing the same names plastered all over the place, I know I do. If getting elected is a battle to see who has the most signs, then our chances are slim- but if it’s a battle of ideas and vision for Saskatoon’s future, we’ll hold our own.


Owen will be knocking on as many doors as possible right up until the election. If you are missed and want to talk, feel free to call or send Owen an e-mail.

We will also be doing a brochure drop in early October. If you would like a little exercise and/or want to help out with the blitz, feel free to contact Owen.

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